5 Design Rules For Effective Banner Design

Banners are a simple, attractive and effective way to advertise your product and transmit messages to your audience. Your banner must fulfill the objective of communicating with your customer and conveying your message in a matter of seconds and, therefore, it must be necessarily succinct and simple. The person must look, read and interpret instantly.

To say that your banner must be succinct and simple, does not mean that it must be “dull”, quite the contrary. He must be creative, with pleasant colors and able to hold his audience’s attention to the point of connecting him with his brand.

The banners are very suitable for promoting new products, for signaling the interior of your store, complementing a promotion in your window, attracting attention to your point of sale at the entrance of the store, attracting attention to your brand at a fair, etc. And they are extremely recommended for these occasions because they are very resistant and versatile materials, in addition to the low cost for production.

In order for you to be successful with your promotion through banners, we made this article with five basic rules for your banner to hold the attention of the clientele. Let’s go-to reading?

Think About Your Goal

You should start developing your banner thinking about the goal you want to achieve with it.

If you intend to announce to your audience a new product that has arrived at your store, you can place it in your shop window or at the entrance to your establishment. The information should be simple and highlight that you have news. Put a picture of the product in evidence or of someone using it (as long as the image makes this clear) and use catchphrases that accomplish that goal.

You can also use a banner to signal any product in your store that has more or less output.

In these two cases, it is not necessary to enter contact information, as the banner will be at your point of sale.

Now, if your goal with this banner is to expose your brand at a fair or another event of the kind you must put your contact information and, very succinctly, highlight what you work with and what your company is. Here it is worth highlighting (and a lot) your visual identity.

For you to maximize your chances of success, make sketches of how you imagine your banner, testing various forms of organization, texts, and possible images to illustrate what you want to pass through the material.

Attention to Content

As I said above, your banner should be simple, yet attractive and effective. With that, we will pay attention to what should be contained in the banner so that you are clear, but don’t forget any important information.

The font of the text must be large, attractive and as simple as possible. The fewer words in the text, the better for the customer to get your message faster. The art should have a few images, maybe two (if a lot!), Because many images can confuse the customer and not convey the message you need. It is necessary to place more images on banners with product lists, for example, to illustrate what are the articles sold there.

Remember the famous phrase: Less is more.

If the purpose of your banner is to expose your brand at an event or fair, outside your point of sale, it is essential that you put your contact information, with address, phone, email, social networks, etc., as this way, the public that is interested will be able to get in touch.

Another very important precaution to take when producing a banner is with Portuguese or typing errors. Check the text as many times as necessary, so that beautiful work is not destroyed by a silly error.

Be Careful With the Layout

When assembling the art you want to display on your banner, pay special attention to make your layout attractive to the public. Use more vibrant colors to attract more attention, but don’t forget that it must follow the pattern of your visual identity, as the customer must see and quickly realize that it is a communication of your brand.

You want to draw attention, of course, but you must be careful to do this for the quality and effectiveness of your piece and not for exaggeration and bad taste.

Also take care of the images, so that they are consistent with the message being transmitted and so that it has a high resolution. Nothing more unpleasant than promoting your brand with distorted images, isn’t it? This gives the customer a feeling of neglect, which can be extended to your store, which is not always real.

Extra tip: search for image banks. There are free and paid ones, but they all offer high-quality images that can fit your information perfectly. Or, you can be more original, and hire a local photographer to produce your own photos.

When designing and distributing the elements in the banner space, think about the aesthetics, combination, and readability of the material. Opt for sans serif letters as they are easier to read over long distances.

Distance and Place People Pass

It is worth noting that the importance of a banner containing little information is because people will normally view it from a distance. If your goal is to use it at fairs, people will be interested when passing through your stand, 1 or 2 meters away. If it is on the facade or to highlight something inside your store, the banner should attract attention from a similar distance. Therefore, the information needs to be visible and interesting.

You can follow a simple design rule, in this case: divide the space into three areas, slogan, image and text.

This rule will ensure that the elements of your banner are visible and organized, which will ensure a more pleasant look for your customers and increase your chances of impacting it, even from a distance.

Another observation to be made is that, in addition to the banners, usually being seen from a distance, people pass through it, in the vast majority of cases, when they are on the move. So, you need to make sure that, in a few seconds, catches the attention of these people.

Choose the Best Printing Partner

The temptation to choose the cheapest supplier is always great, but it almost always doesn’t work. The low price, in most cases, also translates to lower quality of canvas and printing, which will impair its disclosure and decrease the durability of the material.

A partner who has experience in the market can also help you choose the ideal size, the ideal format, help you organize information, etc.

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Now that you know how to make your banner stand out and achieve your main goal, let’s get your hands dirty? By following these small basic rules, you will achieve excellent results. Did you write down everything?