8 Things Retailers Need To Know About Magento 1 End Of Life

Have you been hunting for an informative blog where you could get to know about Magento 1 End Of Life? There are so many people running confused regarding it. You may have also been having a variety of dilemmas in your head. You have landed at the right place indeed. Here, we are going to mention everything about it in a detailed manner indeed. 

8 Things Retailers Need To Know About Magento 1 End Of Life – 

Let us check it out about the 8 prominent things retailers require to know about Magento 1 End Of Life. Moreover, Magento Development Company UK also collaborates the same. 

Website Functionality Is Supposed To Get Broken

When it comes to online shopping, customers should go with more choices. If an official site does not impart in an ideal manner, then chances are high that they might go ahead to buy from somewhere else instead of it. When it comes to Magento Community 1 and many versions of Magento Enterprise 1, quality fixes do end up. Talking about features and functionality on websites, they gradually become more and more broken without any sort of maintenance. 

Magento 1 Websites Is Not Good At Security Breaches And Hacks

Talking about the most worrying aspect of Magento1 End Of Life is all about its security patches. The best thing is that this probably will leave the website completely vulnerable in the context of breaches and hacks too. Here, it needs to mention that hackers are supposed to see Magento End Of Life as an ideal opportunity to automatically hunt out security-oriented glitches on the remaining Magento 1 websites. Talking about force penetration attacks, there are many such as DDOS attacks, brute force penetration, and spam registrations. 

No Official Support For Merchants 

Retailers who supposed to continue to go with Magento 1 after June 2020 would be considered on their own. It means there would be no official support. To put in simple words, developers and merchants would not be needed to get dependent on forums and community support in order to resolve any kind of technical issues regarding their websites. Magento 1 is seen as a dead platform so it may also go difficult for retailers in order to find out developers or agencies supposed to help them. 

No Ideal Way To Protect Customers’ Data And Payment Details

Here, it needs to mention that all security patches will be accomplished in June 2020. It means Magento 1 checkouts would not remain any longer to be secure at all. Hackers probably not be able to access customer data as well as payment details. Going in this way would not only help regarding in the context of lost sales as well as a damaged reputation. 

There Is No Sort Of New Features Or Improvements To Existing Features

It is being mentioned here that exciting time for eCommerce with technology is going quite fast. It is quite important to go with ideal features such as Chatbots, mobile payments, models, same-day delivery which can help retailers in order to differentiate themselves right from other competitors. It would be quite tough to go with consumer demands since they would be no improvement with the first-party platform or third party extensions.  

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration

Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration is worthy to consider indeed. If you have been contemplating the transition to Magento 2 then you just need to go ahead with the option of “version upgrade” or “migration.” It means it is indeed a completely new platform having substantial framework differences from Magento 1. You should consider the transition effort being a new build or rebuild efforts for sure. To put in simple words, it would be needed to review all sorts of extensions as well as custom code. Moreover, they should be rewritten as well as made compatible with Magento2 and new-age versions of PHP. Here, it needs to mention that these sorts of efforts are needed large as well as involved so that the process could be started. You would also be upgraded to the optimal time.

Way Of Checking Out The Version Of Magento 

You may check the latest version of Magento your website is using. What you need to do is logging into the Magento Admin as well as scrolling to the bottom of the page. Here, it needs to mention that the version of your website is running on would be shown right at the footer so that you can easily get to know about it.

Choose Where You Want To Go –

The next thing comes into mind is where to go. You are having 3 prominent options such as Magento 2, Bigcommerce and Shopify. They all do have come up with excellent features indeed. Magento 2 means it makes you have improvement on better mobile functionality, having fast speed and performance. The next one on the list is Bigcommerce and it is known for having flexible and scalable open SaaS so that you could easily integrate it. Moreover, it is launched and ramps up quickly. Shopify is also on the list which is already known as easy-to-plugin integration to have a quick start. It is indeed a quite good fitter for a smaller brand who does not want to go bigger these days. 

I hope this above-mentioned information has helped you a lot to get cleared about it in a detailed manner. You do not need to contemplate that way much at all. You just need to consult with the experts to make sure that what option would be ideal as per your needs and requirements. 

In The last – 

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to take an ideal decision indeed since only 200 days are supposed to go. You should migrate before it gets too late. The highly experienced Magento Development Company  is just a click away indeed.