9 Excellent Tools for Mock up Design

For a designer, before creating a Website design in Photoshop, it is not uncommon for them to make a sketch or prototype of the design of their website design on a piece of paper. 

This is done so that they can create a website design that is not only attractive in terms of appearance, but also in accordance with customer needs. 

But sometimes this becomes an obstacle because not all sketches written on a piece of paper are able to convey information correctly. On the other hand, it is also not easy to create a website layout that is equipped with lots of content and media. 

While creating a large site, a professional web designer must use a mockup tool to analyze the layout, design, and functionality. 

Following are 9 website mockup applications suitable for web designers:

1. Balsamiq MockupsBalsamiq Mockup

One of the most popular tools for making mockups is Balsamiq Mockups.

One reason is that Balsamiq Mockups is cloud-based, with a desktop application that allows you to quickly and easily create website designs.

With content made like hand drawings, it will make you focus on solving a bigger UI problem, rather than on website details. On the website itself, there are two choices for users, there is a trial version for desktop and there is also what we can download for the desktop version.

But there are also those provided in the paid version. This application can be used for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems.

2. Mockingbird

Mockingbird Mockup

Mockingbird is a tool to make mockups that are quite popular. Some functions are able to help web designers to create a mockup of their website.

Mockingbird is designed to be able to create a website design very quickly. Just like Balsamiq Mockups, here are also provided in trial and paid versions.

To subscribe to Mockingbird starting from $ 9 per month for personal accounts.

3. Mockup Builder

Mockup Builder

Mockup Builder is a web application that is provided free of charge to web designers.

This application is built on Microsoft Silverlight and is designed to be able to create software and mockups for a website. This application also makes it easy for you to share with your clients or colleagues.

The results of the mockups that have been made can also be exported in PNG and PDF files or can be shared directly.

Those who have access to this application can also leave Bali feedback or comments on existing projects.

4. MockFlow


Mockflow is a service that allows you to create and collaborate on interactive wireframes and UI prototypes for websites and other applications.

Like Balsamiq, MockFlow includes cross-platform desktop applications (supported by Adobe Air), so you can build your UI concepts efficiently.

MockFlow is also available in 2 options, free and paid.

5. HotGloo


With more than 26,000 projects created, HotGloo is wireframing to create a mockup that has been around for several years.

With this application you can not only make a website design, but also can test it at once, and errors can occur, you can immediately fix it.

This application is suitable for creating master templates that can be used in various projects.

6. Invision


Invision is another online tool intended to help you design, share and test your user experience.

Invision is more than just wireframes because it allows you to make mockups with complete and highly interactive features. Invision offers a very wide network, that’s more than 30,000 designers.

Here you can share with them and also collaborate on a project with famous designers.

7. JustProto


JustProto is a wireframing application with several features not possessed by other applications.

You can not only share projects through their pre-existing links but also allow you to collaborate and interact directly with other designers, such as chatting with clients.

And your chat history will be automatically saved, and you can see from time to time. This application has 2 choices for its use, namely free trial and paid.

8. Proto.io


Proto.io is a prototyping platform specifically designed for mobile applications. This application will help you make mockups via mobile media.

This application can already be used on iPhone, iPad, Android and a number of other devices. Proto.io will give you the freedom to adjust the color, font, and layout.

Here you can also share and collaborate with other designers. The results of your mockups can be directly viewed through your mobile device.

9. InPresso Screens


The last one is InPresso Screens. InPresso Screens are tools used to make prototypes on websites and desktops.

One of the favorites of this application is its ability to be used in various operating systems. For desktop applications from InPresso, This screen is provided in 2 versions, free and subscribed. For the free version, here you can edit the prototype locally.

As for the subscription package, you can edit your prototype via the web.