9 Influencer Marketing Platforms You Have to Know

If you have decided to include an influencer in your brand strategy, you are in the right article because today we tell you the 9 influencer marketing platforms in great detail. Should we start?

Advertising your brand through influencers has never been so easy

Those people who have known how to use with great certainty the infinite possibilities offered by the Internet and specifically social networks are what we now call influencers. People who influence a large number of users and therefore attract the full interest of brands.

Until recently, there were very few brands that managed to contact an influencer to advertise through him or her, but things have changed a lot, and now there are several newcomers that offer direct contact between brands and influencers both for the benefit of some as of others.

Pay attention to all companies! Because here is a list of some of the tools that can help you contact influencers who could become the best ambassadors for your brand.

9 influencer marketing platforms


SocialPubli is a platform marketing influencer that brings together companies with influencers to spread messages across different networks or social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, Snapchat, and Blogs ). Whether you are an influencer or a company or brand that you want to advertise, you have your space in this tool.

If you are an influencer, you can link your social networks and start earning money by participating in the online advertising campaigns of the different brands. On the other hand, companies will have access to the profiles of influencers that best suit their needs and will be able to control the evolution of their campaigns and their investment from the same platform.


This is a platform focused on uniting companies with YouTubers. YouTube is the main social network where the majority of influencers carry out their actions together with Instagram, hence the so-called YouTubers and Instagrammers.

BrandTube will help you find an influential Youtuber who will make the video for your brand or company. You can agree on a price, duration calls to action … etc. Youtuber himself will upload it to his YouTube channel, being able to see the promotional impact on your followers. They also have influencers with more than 2 million followers!


Coobis is one of the best-known influencer marketing platforms. It has more than 250,000 media, websites, and influencers that can work with your brand. That alone is worth checking out, don’t you think?

The platform bases its business on generating content of all kinds, they have a very simple interface and they operate in three areas:

  • Branded Content: to enhance engagement with campaigns on the most powerful websites
  • SEO Content: service for positioning in SERP’s
  • Influencers: the most interesting point where the platform contacts influencers, media, or agencies depending on your objective.


Niche has been on Twitter since 2015 and works with influencers from all over the world to work above all on creating content on different social networks.

The platform has worked with major brands and influencers and also offers attending exclusive events for networking and comprehensive monitoring of metrics on social media.

Blogs Meet Brand

If the previous influencer marketing platform was focused on social media, Blogs Meets Brand is on blogging. Although it seems that the blog has lost relevance to the RRSS, it is a strategy that we must not lose sight of thanks to its positioning and its power to generate trust and engagement.

This platform connects bloggers with brands and what makes it different is personalization when it comes to connecting your brand with the best influencer they find, thanks to the geolocation and targeting they carry out.


Fluvip is one of the most influential platforms on the internet. It connects influencers and brands from all over the world and its added value is the work of information analysis thanks to Machine Learning and Predictive Intelligence.

It has a professional team that supports all actions and who automates all the campaigns that are launched. They supports and gives confidence when using their service.


Influence4you divides its services into two: as a platform and as an agency.

The first has a total of 8 million influencers within the reach of any brand. The second service makes its entire team available to companies to establish influencer marketing strategies according to brand wishes. Interesting, right?


Takumi is a very interesting platform because it specializes in Instagram. The favorite social network of any influencer and the one that generates the most engagement.

In its service, it involves all its professionals in strategy in creating quality content, with a quality influencer. This personalized service allows you not to waste time looking for an influencer. Not to risk that he will not finally identify with your brand and your values.


This platform operates in more than 80 countries. The strength is the work of its team from the briefing to the analysis of the campaign. They put a lot of focus on e-commerce campaigns with the promotion of products on social networks. But they also offer transversal communication services for companies in other sectors.

Advantages of working with influencers

There are many advantages that carrying out our advertising campaigns through influencers can bring us. In summary:

  • High credibility: Influencers are so because of the high credibility they have among users in their field, so advertising through them can help increase the conversion ratio.
  • Personalized content: Depending on the influencer or the platform we have used, they can create specialized content to promote us.
  • They improve our positioning: What influencers have is that they generate a lot of interaction on social networks. The more mentions of our brand, the more relevant our presence in search engines will be.
  • They improve our reputation: As simple as that influencers have a certain reputation that is transferred to our brand when we advertise through them.

Micro-influencers: The other great little ally for our brand

Recently, the relevance of the term micro-influencers has increased to refer to those people who influence a certain group of users, a more limited, specific, and reduced group.

Micro-influencers are also opinion leaders on a smaller group of followers, but without doubt, since there is more direct contact between micro-influencer and users, the credibility and value they provide to them is greater and, therefore, they are even more interesting than influencers for our advertising.

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