Affiliate Marketing – How to use it to generate income

Affiliate marketing is an alliance between someone who offers a product or service and a strategic partner or affiliate who promotes good and receives commissions for the conversion actions.

It is important to be clear that this type of digital marketing strategy is applicable to any type of business. If you have a business, whatever its characteristics, you can summon people who may be interested in promoting what you sell in exchange for obtaining a percentage on the sale.

On the other hand, if you are looking to generate passive income, affiliate marketing can be an excellent option.

Different conversion actions provide the profit. The common characteristic of all of them is that they must be verifiable and measurable. For Example, the potential client completing a registration form or sending an email requesting more information. However, the most common is that the affiliate receives a commission for each sale of the promoting item.

Types of Affiliate Marketing

We can distinguish several categories in which we can classify marketing:

  • On the one hand, we have the one that enjoys the greatest popularity and experience in digital marketing. It is the one that is linked to affiliate programs and large companies or marketplaces create it. This is the case of Amazon, which was a pioneer in the implementation of this online model with Amazon Associates, its affiliate marketing program.
  • On the other hand, there are affiliate platforms that work as intermediaries. Also known as affiliate networks, they are dedicated to establishing a connection between sellers of products or services and individuals or companies who wish to be their affiliates and promote those goods.
  • Finally, there is also a more self-managed category.  In it, the potential affiliate identifies an item they want to promote and gets in direct contact with its supplier. In this case, in general, the individual or company that seeks to become an affiliate has a history of digital presence that supports their affinity and experiences in relation to what they seek to promote.

Importantly, the affiliate market is a results-oriented model. Consequently, it pursues the generation of conversion actions established in advance, such as the customer deciding to buy the promoted product. Therefore, in all cases the tracking or traceability of these actions is important. This is achieved through more accessible and intuitive software tools and that allow the monitoring of conversion actions to be transparent for all parties involved. 

How to do affiliate marketing

If you are looking to be an affiliate, the beginning of the process is relatively simple. When you join an affiliate program, you will generally receive a unique affiliate ID or link. This will allow the conversion actions generated from your links to be attributed to you, and the profits derived from them. The monitoring carry out with the use of cookies.

Now, these links to have a better chance of capturing the attention of the target audience must be harmoniously integrated into valuable content.

There are two great content marketing strategies that you can use:

The first, if you already have a digital presence in a certain niche and audience that follows you is to capitalize on the trajectory. For that, you can select products related to the community’s interests and create content where you can promote it naturally. Although this can be done through various digital channels such as social networks, it is usual to do it through a website, generally a blog. Email marketing is best for this strategy.

If, For example, you have a pastry blog, you can promote everything from your favorite cooking appliances to the ingredients. Or even related products, such as decoration elements for a sweet table. If you send a newsletter to your subscribers, you can integrate your affiliate links in the text of the emails.

the publication of ad hoc pages or sites that is to say, expressly created to promote certain products. If you can generate attractive content backed by good research and good SEO strategy, and good use of keywords, this alternative can be as valid as the previous one.

Of course, both strategies can be compatible with each other. If you already have a blog, you can start there. And, as you gain experience in the process, you can develop promotion pages geared towards specific niches.  

How to make money with affiliate marketing

One of the inherent characteristics of affiliate marketing is transparency and that applies to the relationship between all parties. In addition, a successful business is one that produces income on a sustained basis. And, for that, you need to build a long-term relationship with customers.

Consequently, the basis for earning income through affiliate marketing that you be honest. No product or service, no matter how excellent, meets the needs of all customer profiles. Therefore, it is important that you do not try to present it as a universal solution. Instead, detail its attributes in a way that makes it clear to what type of customer it might be useful. 

In order to achieve this, the most advisable thing, specifically if you are addressing an audience that knows you, is that you have tried what you are going to recommend and that it has met or exceeds your expectations. In case you have not tried it, the best that you have at least experience with other products offered by the same seller. And, in addition, you have carried out an exhaustive investigation of the characteristics of what you are going to promote.


Remember that, if you work with your personal brand, your credibility is the most valuable capital you have. Don’t risk it in an effort to earn money quickly. Think long-term and bet on recommending quality products and services according to the interests of your audience.

In case you create pages oriented to promote articles. It is advisable that you investigate which products and services are more profitable according to your strategy. There are goods that are aimed at a very narrow niche but that offer high commissions. On the contrary, others are oriented to broader segments but generate much lower commissions. In any case, your strategy must consider the characteristics of the type of affiliate program you choose.