Digital Marketing Agency for Small Businesses: How to Do It?

Through this article, learn about the importance of investing in digital marketing for micro and small companies; also learn how to do this type of online advertising

A recurring question among micro and small businessmen has to do with digital marketing.

Some questions naturally arise, such as:

  • Is digital marketing worth it? Does it work?
  • Will I recover my investment?
  • How to do digital marketing efficiently?
  • How to choose a digital marketing agency?

Doubts like these are extremely natural. Still, rest assured that throughout this article we will seek to answer each of these questions.

The importance of Digital Marketing for micro and small businesses

Before we actually talk about digital marketing for micro and small businesses, it is important to understand why it is so essential to invest in this type of advertising on the internet.

The first thing you should know is that more than half of the Brazilian population is connected to the internet.

This data is an excellent way to better understand why companies should invest in methods to start appearing on the internet.

So, let’s start from the maxim that “ companies should be where their audience is ”.

So, if most people are on the internet, this is exactly where companies should be. Simple, isn’t it?

Now that we know the importance of appearing on the internet, the time has come to find out how best to achieve this goal.

Google and Facebook: allies for micro and small businesses

Both Google and Facebook are important tools for those looking to conduct digital marketing for micro and small businesses.

This is mainly due to an important fact: both tools have millions of daily accesses.

For micro and small companies, this is relevant, since this high number of accesses represents an opportunity to grow in the market.

It is estimated that Google daily has more than 3.3 billion searches. Each month, that number reaches more than 100 billion.

Facebook has more than 2.3 billion users worldwide. In Brazil, more than 102 million people are connected to the largest social network on the planet.

These numbers show just one thing: Google and Facebook are where micro and small businesses must be.

Digital marketing strategies for micro and small businesses

Well, when carrying out a digital marketing strategy it is necessary to define a goal. For small and even medium-sized companies, the ideal is that the focus of the work is on selling.

In other words, when doing digital marketing, the idea is to get more calls, more budget requests, generate leads (potential customers), etc.

Large companies can afford to carry out strategies focused on brand strengthening, for example.

However, due to the difference in investments, it is more appropriate for small and medium-sized companies to bet on the growth in the number of sales, in order to be able to grow in the increasingly competitive business market.

Among the digital marketing strategies for micro and small companies, the following services stand out:

  • SEO
  • Content Marketing ;
  • Sponsored Link ;
  • Facebook Ads.

Remembering that, as we said above, this digital marketing strategy for micro and small businesses using Google and Facebook, two of the largest showcases in the world, aims to increase sales, through budgets, phone calls, and lead generation.

Knowing more about digital marketing services through Google

If you are curious to know more about the main digital marketing services using Google (SEO, Content Marketing, and Google Ads), rest assured, as we will make a brief summary of each one.

1) SEO  for micro and small businesses

SEO, also known as internet search marketing, is one of the most common digital marketing services in companies.

The purpose of SEO is to perform an optimization on the companies’ website, in order to place it on the first pages of Google.

This optimization is done after some important steps, such as:

  • Update of website codes;
  • Adequacy of the website layout (if necessary)
  • Choice of keywords relevant to the company;
  • Creation of texts for each keyword.

These are, basically, the steps that make up the positioning marketing work by organic Google search.

Therefore, we can say that the objective of SEO is to make a good part of the selected keywords start to appear on the first pages of Google, through the content (texts) produced.

2) Content Marketing for micro and small businesses

Content marketing is a digital service that aims to generate value for companies’ brands, using the quality content produced as the main means to attract, convert, close, and delight customers.

This content is produced in the form of articles, which are published on the blog hosted on your business website.

The idea is to make companies start to be seen as a reference on the internet, as a reliable source of information.

Therefore, the blog is nothing more than an important tool to attract people and potential customers, in addition to feeding the company’s media with interesting and, of course, quality content.

All of this, when well-produced, creates value for the companies’ brand, which ends up reflecting on more credibility and, consequently, more sales.

3) Google Ads  for micro and small businesses

Google Ads (or sponsored link) is a service whose placement on the first page of Google happens through paid ads.

Because it is a job in which companies pay for the service directly to Google, naturally the positioning happens much faster, especially when compared to Content Marketing and SEO.

What makes the sponsored link an excellent tool is that, in addition to quick positioning, investments vary according to the needs of the customers.

If you want to invest, for example, 300 reais in Google Ads, it is entirely possible. If you want to make a heavier investment, of 2 thousand reais, it is also possible.

In addition to this variation in investment,  Google Ads works based on results. That is, every amount invested results in clicks

That is, if there are no clicks, there are no expenses.

For this reason, the sponsored link is considered by many as a service that meets the needs of companies of all sizes, as small and large amounts can be invested, both offering interesting returns.

Google and digital marketing for micro and small businesses

Google has been, since the popularization of digital marketing, around 2009, a true ally of micro and small companies.

The main reason for this phenomenon is the benefits that the largest search engine offers.

For example, companies that appear on Google will have more visibility, reach, and credibility.

As we said, it is one of the most accessed sites in the world, companies that appear on Google, especially on the first pages, have more visibility, since their brand will be seen by hundreds of people.

Digital marketing for micro and small businesses to reach, Google is also a true business partner. For micro and small businesses that work restricted to certain regions and neighborhoods, Google offers the possibility of achieving a much greater reach.

That is, companies can be visible to an entire city, to an entire state.

For example: Imagine that you have a store in a certain neighborhood. Imagine having people from all over the state, from several cities, searching for a product, and finding your store on Google as a reference.

This is precisely one of Google’s great differentials: giving more visibility and reach to micro and small companies through digital marketing.

Finally, Google also gives more credibility to companies that are associated with the largest search engine in the world.

Always keep in mind that the internet is still an unknown environment for many people. Therefore, it is normal for them to have a certain distrust with companies little known to the general public. However, because Google is a brand known worldwide, these same people feel more comfortable negotiating with companies that are linked to the first pages of Google.

That is, companies that appear on Google, in addition to more visibility and reach, will have credibility with people and potential customers.

Now realize how easier it is to understand why Google can be an important ally in digital marketing for micro and small businesses.

Digital Marketing Tip for Small Businesses | Strategies

1. Digital marketing for micro and small businesses – Target Public – Find out who your ideal customer is

Before getting your hands dirty, you who have anything from a large to a small company, need to know who your ideal customer is, target audience, target, persona, there are several terms we use in marketing, but the idea is to know well who will buy from you, so that you can speak his language, find out what matters to him and how he behaves, with these answers answered, you can have greater clarity when you go to the next phases of your strategy.

2. Digital marketing for micro and small businesses – Create your online presence

When you already know your ideal client, the time comes to reach these people. At this stage of your strategy, the digital presence of small and medium-sized companies begins, on social networks, on YouTube, your website, your blog and Google, use these tools when your favor, create content, make ads, post on social networks, videos for youtube and so on, at that moment you create your traffic.

3. Digital marketing for micro and small businesses – Strengthen your brand on the internet

After getting to know your customer and generating relevant traffic, your leads start to arrive, now it’s time to take care of your brand, you can invest in your blog, create a lot of content, posts on social media giving tips for example to your audience, you can also invest in an institutional video.

4. Digital marketing for micro and small businesses – Have real testimonials from your customers

When a visitor is considering buying from you, he may be afraid of being frustrated, in which case the best way to achieve good digital marketing for small businesses is to use testimonials from your real customers, it may be an evaluation on Google my business, a message on WhatsApp at your company, or even a testimonial video (this is what convinces you the most), when your client sees a real testimonial video, he can imagine himself as your client and is 100% satisfied as a successful case that he can appreciate in the video, this is exactly the feeling that helps a person to make a safer decision. See some examples of our agency.

5. Digital marketing for micro and small businesses – Track your customer with remarketing

After everything we’ve already dealt with, here is a super tip: use remarketing, we know that hardly anyone makes a decision in the first interaction with a brand, we need to see more times to remember, so invest in those who have already visited your small and medium-sized company, in digital marketing a lot of money is lost without evaluating remarketing, let’s imagine that your site received 10,000 visitors in the last 30 days, but only 30 converts, what happened to the other 9970 visitors? it could be that you were not in your best moment and let your mark pass, so it is smart to appear more often to these people, that way you give yourself a second chance to get that person’s attention and that may be exactly what was missing for that visitor becomes a conversion,

6. Digital marketing for micro and small businesses – digital marketing automation

Another important part of digital marketing that we use in small businesses is digital marketing automation, what is it?

basically create relationship mechanisms with your customer or contact, we do marketing emails based on interactions, for example, if your contact asks for a quote, you can already receive an automatic thanks, if you open the email, you get a score you can receive a second email saying more about your company and so on, we can create several types of triggers to start an automation flow according to the type of product or service you offer to your client RD Station is a tool that helps in this, for example, however, there are many on the market, research and choose the one that best fits your case and start your automation strategy in digital marketing.

Facebook and Digital Marketing for micro and small businesses

Like Google, Facebook is also an extremely important tool within an efficient digital marketing strategy for micro and small businesses.

As we have discussed throughout this article, Facebook is the largest social network in the world. In Brazil, more than half of the population is connected to this social network.

Therefore, Facebook is also an excellent way to achieve more visibility, reach, and credibility.

The difference from Facebook to Google is that we are talking about a slightly different strategy, which addresses people where they spend a lot of time: on the social network.

In an increasingly connected society, adept at social networks, there is nothing more natural than investing in strategies and services focused on adapting to this new profile of potential customers, who are always connected to the internet and social networks.

How to choose a digital marketing agency for micro and small businesses?

The first step to being successful in any digital marketing strategy for micro and small businesses is to have the support of a digital marketing agency.

Only this professional assistance can guarantee more efficient results for companies. So, know some tips to choose the ideal agency for your business.

1) Stay on top of the work done by the agency

One of the best ways to find out if a digital marketing agency is really reliable and efficient is to know its work and portfolio.

Therefore, at this stage, it is essential that you seek information about the agency’s work. The tip is to contact her clients, in order to get feedback on the work developed.

The more information you get, the better your decision will be.

2) Know the structure of the agency

Another important tip is to know the physical structure of the digital marketing agency that sparked your interest.

So don’t hesitate, feel free to make an appointment, schedule a visit. An agency that really cares about its clients and visitors will certainly be with open arms to receive them.

In addition, knowing the agency is an effective way of knowing how the routine works, meeting the staff, feeling the atmosphere of the work environment, and many more.

3) Ask for advice

Requesting a consultancy (budget) is one of the main ways to choose the most capable digital marketing agency for micro and small companies. 

Through consultancy, companies are better aware of the strategies that the agency has to offer so that the results begin to appear.

The values ​​involved in the provision of services are also defined; the goals; the contract time; what services will be hired and many more.

Consultancy can be done both remotely and in person. The important thing is not to fail to make a budget.