Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

In such a competitive market, digital marketing has become essential for all medium-sized and small businesses that want to stay active, since they have to be able to provide added value that allows them to obtain a competitive advantage, and this is only achieved through digital marketing strategies.

A digital marketing strategy is a set of actions that are carried out to achieve the digital marketing objectives of our company.

But before you start with any digital marketing strategy you have to know what situation is our company and how is the competition .

Once this has been analyzed, the following must be established :

  • Business Model: That is, how you are going to generate income and what is your value proposition.
  • SWOT Analysis: Doing an internal and external analysis of your company in terms of digital marketing analyzing Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths and Opportunities.
  • Define Target Audience: Carrying out a good digital marketing strategy is pointless if it is not to reach the right people.
  • Define Objectives: Establishing a SMART structure, since these objectives allow us to measure whether we are doing it well: what we want to achieve, through which channel and in how long.
  • Resources: It will also be necessary to analyze whether the correct resources are available, such as qualified personnel, time, tools and money.

There are different digital marketing strategies for medium-sized and small businesses :

  • SEO strategy
  • Strategies in Social Networks
  • Influencers strategies
  • Email strategies
  • Cross-selling and related selling strategies.
  • Storytelling strategy
  • Experience marketing strategies

Three mistakes that small businesses can’t make in their marketing strategy

Based on the fact that small companies do not have a high budget, nor do they have time or resources, like those of large companies.

1. Do not define a strategy

When we are small, we think that the strategy is based on being large consultancies or projects of millions of dollars. Putting it this way and understanding it as a tactic is a mistake. A strategy is a plan adapted to each project , it is to understand that resources are limited and that not everything can be done. 

If you are small, it is not a good strategy to define what for next year, taking the startup as an example:

  • That two hundred thousand followers will be reached on Twitter
  • Fifty thousand followers on Instagram
  • Five posts a week on the blog
  • Have a cost per click on CPC of twenty cents
  • Position yourself as first in hotels in Madrid
  • Having a YouTube channel with two thousand subscribers
  • A highly segmented CRM

Time is a valuable resource at work. For example, a large company can buy time, since it can afford to hire more people, more human resources. However, for small companies, the time is limited, so it must use to enhance strengths. Some will work Social Media, others only Instagram, others storytelling, others Google Adwords campaigns, each case is different depending on the type of company and their needs.

2. Risk is another mistake that cannot be made by SMEs

Another mistake that SMEs should avoid is not understanding that you will not stop being small in the comfort zone . That is, it is not a matter of risking everything in a very radical redesign so that after three months it does not work. 

Another great virtue of the little ones is that they can take more risk shares than the big ones. This is what is called Growth Hacking . It is not a series of techniques that everyone has to do. It’s people taking the risk, trying to do something intentionally or not, and it works.

3. Fall in love with the product and avoid customer development

When you grow up you become obsessed with product development , improving its quality and functions. When you are little you have to focus on having a product that works and that people know about it. Functionality and visibility. 

However, SMEs have to be based on customer development . In other words, grow in the market and adapt the product to the user’s needs. This means: “Don’t sell what you can do, do what you can sell.”

All have as ultimate goal the increase in sales. To achieve this , hire a professionals to analyze your business. It help you create and develop the most suitable for your company ‘s digital marketing strategies.

At Webchefz we are experts in digital marketing and we will advise you so that your company has the best digital marketing strategies and achieves your goals, visit us on our website.