How to create a Creative Banner of Header for a YouTube channel

In the article at hand, We will tell you how to make or create a banner design for the YouTube headers of a channel in such a way that it fits perfectly to the different screen resolutions thanks to a template with predefined measures.

In this one, we focus on creating a header that is basically the top image that shows the feed of the videos that we are uploading to the channel.

The most remarkable thing is that we will use a single image for the banner that will be adjusted to the different resolutions of the screen from where our channel is displayed.

These resolutions correspond or can be differentiated into the following: Desktop, TV, Android – iOS (smartphone), and tablets.

In this way, we must adjust to certain measures so that the image looks as we wish wherever it is displayed and for that, we will use a template.

On the other hand, an adequate design allows us to reinforce the profile of our channel and thus we must take advantage of it in our favor.

Banner template to create YouTube headers with a perfect size and design

We start from the idea that we must use a single image that will be the one shown in the different resolutions.

According to the YouTube size guidelines, this image must have measures of 2560x1440px, which correspond to the width and height of the image.

Oh and also it should not exceed the size of 2Mb.

For this, we can use an image editor such as Gimp, which we already use in another post to create a banner or Photoshop, to make our header image design.

Although thinking about it, there is a better solution that We will tell you in the following lines.

This image size (2560x1440px) would be completely seen if, for example, we access the channel through a smart TV.

Now we go from higher to lower resolution the size of how YouTube headers will be displayed.

Size of the header banner size on the PC

In the screens of PC, according to the resolution of the monitor, the image will adapt from the following measures: width of 2560px up to 1546px and always maintaining a height of 423px.

For different cases always focused on the monitor.

As proof, you can visit the design of this channel by clicking here.

To do the test you must use a larger monitor and reduce the size of the browser window so you can see how the width of the browser is adjusted while maintaining the height.

The minimum width of 1546px and 423px is called the Security Area.

If we make the design in this area, we ensure the play, that is, the header will look good in most screen resolutions.

Measures of the YouTube banner on Tablets

In these devices the width is a little larger and goes to 1855px, keeping the height.

Similarly, if we respect the Security Area there will be a high percentage of it being displayed correctly on any tablet.

Header dimensions in Smartphone

For smartphones with Android or iOS systems, we continue to maintain the Security Area to ensure that it will be displayed correctly.

Source: Leadquizzes

Recommendations on design measures – Download Youtube Template

Well to facilitate our design you can download by clicking here the template provided by YouTube itself.

Once you download it there you will find both the PSD file and a.png file that you can open directly with the image editor of your choice.

In both cases, the total dimensions are those corresponding to the maximum size of 2560x1440px.

The image as the PSD will serve as a reference to square your design well.

Once you have created and uploaded to your channel (we see it below) We would advise you to try to visualize it on all the devices you can to ensure that it looks ok.

Create and load the banner image in the YouTube header for your Channel

We have already created our header!

And now, how do We show it on our channel?


You access your channel, and in the upper right area, if you approach the pointer, a pencil is shown to which you must click on the options shown in the following image:

You must press the option Edit the channel header and then the option Upload photo will be displayed.