How to hire a company to develop your website?

From experience, I can say that 85% of our customers have many questions before hiring a website development service.

  1. The first question, even before explaining what the project is about is “How much will it cost?”. Like many other products and services, prices vary significantly. It depends on the functionalities of the website, number of pages, resources, and so on. Our job as a Digital Marketing Agency is to understand the customer’s needs and propose the best cost-benefit.
  2. The second question comes from a trauma that almost all of our clients have gone through: “When I pay, will you be gone?”. Obviously everyone says no, but there is the importance of hiring a company that has already developed other projects and that works under contract !!! Very important, like other services, never hire a website without a service contract. This will be your only defense if the professional or company disappears from the map.
  3. “What technology to use?” And my answer is “Anyone”. Your website can be developed on hundreds of different technologies. The ideal is to see each project, understand the need for the site, and recommend the technology that best suits the client’s goals and budget.

With these first 3 very clear questions in mind, we can move on

Hiring a Digital Marketing company seems very complicated. Lots of conversation with Nerd vocabulary and project that never seems to end.

You probably have a cousin or college colleague who is a Web Designer and would make a website in exchange for a few cases of beer. Or, yourself, you can easily learn Web Design or WordPress and make a website yourself, you just need time.

Right now, the search for a Digital Marketing professional, who does this, at least 40 hours a week and has been working in the area for some time, is very important. But how to find these professionals and companies?

Just go into a cafe and look for those tattooed, striped shirts and Apple computers?

This could work, but the best thing would be to look for sites that you like to browse and look at the bottom of the page (right at the bottom), the name and link of the company that made the site.

Make a brief list of the companies you like best and visit their sites, see the portfolio of works, looking for what most resembles your project.

First step:

Get in touch with the companies and schedule a meeting, see the communication skills of the team you will hire. After all, these professionals will be responsible for part of your company’s communication. Are they clear on what they will develop for you? What development process do you use?

Ask for references and contact companies that have worked with them. Ask if the project was delivered on time and on an initial budget and if they would recommend the work.

There is no standard price for websites

They can be made for free using some tools or cost real fortunes. Since you know how much you plan to spend, compare budgets, and see if they are within reality and what they offer.

When you find the best price within your need, it will be time to do your homework. No one knows better than you want to communicate on your site. It is no use simply sending your company’s logo, mission, vision, and values ​​and asking the web designer or company to develop the best website you have ever seen. It will not work.

Think about the structure of the site, which pages it should contain, what you intend to communicate on each page, the images that will be used, and mainly, “What is your goal with that site?”.

If you have no purpose with the site, you will always find that you spent money unnecessarily. If your goal is a budget request, think about the path that the site user will follow until they reach the budget page. If it is a purchase, consider which means of payment and delivery you will use, prices and etc.

Important: Plan your Site. Don’t leave it in the hands of someone who has the technical knowledge, but little knowledge in your business.

To help, here are some questions for you to ask before hiring someone:

  • Could you give me a list of companies that have worked for me to get in touch?
  • Do you only work with Website Development? How long?
  • What is your work process?
  • What is the average budget for a given project? What are the payment terms?
  • What is the expected delivery of the project?
  • When can we start?
  • What do I need to pass on to you before we start?
  • Does this price include a mobile-friendly website?
  • After you pay, who will own the site? (It sounds silly, but many designers “rent” the site. If you ever stop paying the monthly fee, you leave with nothing.)
  • Do You Offer Hosting and Maintenance? (Just like a car you buy, a website requires preventive and corrective maintenance. After all, hackers are everywhere.)
  • Who will be my contact in the company? Are you an employee or outsourced?

Communication is the key to the success of the project, especially in this field where the client often has no idea what the professionals are saying.

I hope I helped a little in the decision making when developing a website. The options are numerous. It’s just a matter of aligning Budget, Objective, and Expectation!