Setting up a Digital Marketing Agency

Want to know if setting up a digital marketing agency at home is a good business option? So take advantage of this opportunity and find out how to make money in a booming market in India.

A lot of people are interested in setting up a digital marketing agency at home since working in any activity from a home office is an increasingly interesting alternative for professionals in different areas.

Gradually, the barrier of work with physical presence has been broken due to the technologies available today and aimed at increasing productivity and quality of life, especially in the largest Indian cities.

In this scenario, setting up a digital marketing agency at home becomes a very viable business.

Developing a digital marketing activity in the home office is becoming more and more a trend in the world due to the facilities that are offered by the digital technology that we currently have.

Making a video conference or sharing a screen is possible, through many free and widely disseminated applications.

Job opportunities abound. Sites specializing in job opportunities in digital marketing are a great option for those who want to find companies looking for support in this area.

The step by step of how to set up a digital marketing agency at home

Check out our analysis and the script for those interested in setting up a digital marketing agency at home.

1. Digital Marketing Job Opportunities in a Home Office

In India, the digital advertising market is moving fast, but we are faced with a serious problem, the lack of manpower in digital marketing.

The demand grows every day, but unfortunately, we still don’t have enough and qualified professionals in online marketing to satisfy the demand in this area.

As a result, we are faced with an explosion of salaries in digital marketing, leaving professionals in this area very satisfied, but on the other hand, the costs of the agencies are very high, causing them to lose competitiveness and consequently the customers, especially small and medium entrepreneurs.

As if that were not enough, the picture of Indian digital marketing worsens, with chaos in cities every day, causing these professionals to spend more time in traffic jams, in the distance, and with queues in parking lots that, besides being expensive, do not always offer the spaces for all the cars that circulate in the streets and avenues.

2. Remote Work as a Solution

With all these problems mentioned, we still have the issue of the high costs of an office in the city.

In large urban centers in India, the rental of commercial rooms is very high and as a result, many agencies are opting for remote work, optimizing costs, and at the same time, forming a team of professionals with a much better quality of life which results in performance above normal.

In digital marketing work, there are tasks and objectives to be achieved as in all professions and easy to measure. Therefore, it can be conducted, with all the necessary quality, from the home environment.

3. Open Working Relationships

With the rapid evolution and technological facilities available today, setting up a digital agency at home is viable as an effective contractor or in freelancer tasks, which is increasingly common in this segment.

The professional who has a good background in digital marketing has a very promising market in India, especially if it focuses on small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, which are generally ignored by large digital agencies.

If we take into account that less than fifteen percent of small and medium-sized Indian entrepreneurs have an effective digital presence, both through their websites, and some through social media, this market has great growth potential.

Just identify that market and bring it to your portfolio. In our courses, the number of participants who are looking for a specialization in digital marketing is increasing, in order to establish themselves as digital marketing consultants and work from a home office.

4. Discipline is Necessary for Digital Marketing Work at the Home Office

The digital marketing activity in a home office is fully viable and there is a fundamental factor to be successful in this type of endeavor: Discipline.

Without it, the professional ends up getting lost with household chores and other activities that we are subject to when we develop a professional job in a home office.

With an increasing number of tools to be used and in order to achieve a synergy in digital marketing that allows us to gain efficiency, concentration is essential.

If the home’s external appeals are interfering with your work, you will certainly lose efficiency and professionalism. It is necessary to establish clearly what is Home and what is Office.

Without this, it will be difficult to maintain concentration and offer quality and efficiency to your customers. Working from home means understanding the concept, which goes far beyond the Home Office.

5. Reduced Costs Generate a Competitive Advantage

A digital marketing activity developed from a home office has a great advantage, which is the low operating cost when compared to an established digital agency.

The costs with rent, condominium, property tax, and others, typical of a formally established company, simply disappear when working in a home office, and this is a great chance to create a competitive differential and compete in the market with the agencies, equally for equal.

Your costs will basically be the digital marketing tools you will use, the outsourced tasks, and your manpower.

Since your costs are much lower, you can be sensible enough to pass this cost reduction on to your price list, thus being in a much more accessible position than most digital agencies.

Pay attention, we are not talking about the prostitution of professional service, with demeaning prices, but adapting the price of the service offered to the costs.

I will go further, it is necessary to recognize the more dedicated and personalized work that can be offered by a professional focused on his few clients. Any questions about that?

6. The Franchise Option

Another tip for those who want to know how to set up a virtual store at home is to go for the franchise model. There are currently some digital marketing franchises such as Bruce Clay, Liguesite, and Duplo V, which offer agency ready models.

7. Ready for the Challenge?

With this article, my intention was not to say that establishing a digital marketing job in the home office is easy, but rather, I clearly and objectively exposed the various obstacles that exist in this endeavor.

My intention is to show a new job opportunity, which until recently could seem unthinkable.

The speed and agility of the actions provided by digital media broke what was proposed by the economic model inherited from the industrial revolution and which stipulated time and place for work activities, and raised the professional and entrepreneurial challenge to a new level.

Nowadays, efficiency is totally associated with operational agility and low costs, which puts the professional activity of digital marketing in the home office, one step ahead of the current structure of the digital market in India.