Social Bookmarking – What Is It and How To Use It?

The best way to attract a larger number of visitors to your page is to invest in promoting it. But, how to do that? Understand what Social Bookmarking is.

When you invest in promoting your page, you expand your audience. This way, not only friends or people closest to you will get to know your page, but also a wider audience.

Social Bookmarks make up a great advertising idea for your company’s website. If you are not familiar with this type of platform for advertising websites and blogs, learn more below.

Understand what Social Bookmarking is

The name Social Bookmarking comes from the English term “bookmarks”, which in the Portuguese translation means “Favorites”.

Favorites are a concept that is already well known among computer users. Favorites are the sites, blogs or content that we save in our browsers to register those pages that we like the most or that, at least, we intend to read later.

The concept of Social Bookmarking does not differ much from the already known Favorites. Social Bookmarks are nothing more than Social Favorites.

They are called Social Favorites because the favorite sites, in these cases, are shared over the internet with other people. Even with the content producers themselves.

Thus, every time someone accesses your website, blog or loose content and considers that your content is relevant, that visitor can include your website in a network of Social Bookmarks.

When the links on a website start to be favored by many users of these Social Bookmarking networks, these links start to gain prominence on the social network’s homepage.

Advantages of using Social Bookmarking

Including your website in a Social Bookmarking network can have several advantages for the content you produce on the Internet. Find out what they are next.

1. Social Bookmarking facilitates user access

When you include your website in a Social Bookmarking network, you allow users to favor your content.

When users of a Social Bookmarks network favor your page, they can keep up with new updates on your site. In addition, they have easy access to the sites they favored on the net.

They do not need to enter their web address in the browser to return to their content. Just access your website from the Social Bookmarking network. This increases your chances of getting more and more constant traffic to your website.

2. An opportunity to win new visitors

When you encourage your current visitors to favor your site on a Social Bookmarking network, you can make your page stand out on the site’s Home.

Thus, with the prominence on the main page of the network, your website is visible to users who do not yet know its content.

3. Your position in Social Bookmarks contributes to your SEO

The greater the number of users who favored your site, the greater the chances that your content will be well positioned on search sites.

This is because your site, each time it is favored, counts as if it were being linked.

It is the same logic as Link Building. When you are recommended by another website or on another platform, as in Social Bookmarking networks, your ranking in search engines improves.

In some browsers, you can synchronize your personal bookmark list with your bookmark list in Social Bookmarks. This way, your bookmarks are automatically imported into the social bookmarking network you use.

Among the most popular Social Bookmarks on the Internet are DoMelhor, EuCurti, and Link, links that generate Social Bookmarking.

To put yourself in context, you should know that social bookmarking is a means used to save, classify and share links on the Internet.

I am sure that it will have happened to you that you have read an article or an interesting page and after a few days you look for it again and you can no longer find it. 

Or you find a page you like and you would like to visit it daily, but you don’t know how to save it, so you don’t miss out and have easy access to it. Well, social markers are useful for this, since they provide you with the possibility of saving these links and classifying them with labels, according to your interest, so that you have faster access.

Some Useful Social Bookmarks

We can find a wide variety of different markers, but here are a series of them that adapt to these needs:

There are some social networks that also fulfill this function. Which are:

  • Facebook
  • Tuenti
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

A great advantage that some of these markers have is that links can be saved collaboratively. That is, you can create a group where you and your friends/colleagues keep links and you can see them and add your own.

Given the variety of social markers, you can try different of these and use the one you like or the one you consider most appropriate. Since surely one of all meets all your needs.

SEO and Social Bookmarks

Social bookmarks help with web positioning. Since when you write or publish a new article you can add them to the bookmarks, sharing it with other users who are subscribed to this social bookmark.

In addition, you will facilitate the sharing of your publication and it is more likely that you will be naturally link building. Which is very favorable for SEO positioning.