The Ideal Platforms For Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Nowadays, having an Internet presence is essential for the success of any business, especially if you market your products or services online. However, determining which is the ideal platform to use in a successful digital marketing campaign is often a problem for entrepreneurs.

Is it enough to take into account the number of followers or the scope of a certain social network to decide which one to use? Is it enough to appear in the first places of Google for the success of a campaign? Pay attention that in the following lines, we are going to clarify this picture a bit.

The Impressive Reach of Social Media  

Facebook, one of the most important platforms worldwide, currently has around 1.9 billion users across the globe. Its presence includes almost every home in the world and that is no small matter. Second and also with surprising numbers, the  YouTube video platform has registered 1.5 billion users, being one of the most used when designing a digital marketing strategy. However, despite these numbers, the scope is not the only thing to consider when choosing the most suitable platform for an online strategy.

There are many social platforms that can represent the ideal medium for a successful campaign, even when they don’t handle the impressive reach statistics that Facebook and YouTube have. Each of them has particularities that must analyze to determine the suitability of its use in a specific strategy. In this way, we will be optimizing to the maximum our investment budget for this type of campaign.

That is why certain considerations must take before choosing to use a platform or other; Following the appropriate steps will help you implement a successful digital marketing campaign.

How to Choose the Ideal Platform For a Digital Marketing Strategy

Determining the objective you are trying to achieve with a digital marketing strategy. It is the first step to defining the most appropriate platforms to use. Establish the appropriate controls and indicators . From there, you can explore the different platforms that exist, based on the preferences and needs of your target audience. You will find more than one ideal platform that fits what you are looking for for your business.

In addition, such as Facebook and Instagram, there are other important social networks that can give you better results. To establish the ideal one, you must identify the type of audience that a specific platform is targeting. Choose the one that matches the characteristics of your market. What is the profile of the public that a certain social network uses? What attributes can this platform offer to your business? It is usual that the result of this analysis leads you to a specific social network that is not characterized precisely by having more registered users.

Once you have chosen the ideal platform, you must establish a content plan to form a community of faithful followers. A suitable content marketing strategy is the most recommended to grow the number of people interested in your value proposition. Through this strategy, you will be able to determine the use of language, when and what to publish. By publishing quality and useful content,  that adds value to the visitor. By this you will be able to secure an interesting community of followers.

The Predominant Social Networks Today

Thanks to its impressive reach, Facebook is the social network preferred by organizations when it comes to maintaining a presence on the internet. The ease of creating a business page through a user profile makes it the first choice for all size companies.

In recent years, YouTube, Google’s video platform, has been widely used by businesses, both for its versatility and its extraordinary reach. In addition, it is an appropriate means to position in the first place of the search engine. Since Google gives greater relevance to this type of content.

For its part, Instagram is emerging as the ideal platform for those businesses that rely mainly on the visual part. Well-produced photos and images found in this social network the right space to show themselves and make fans fall in love.

Twitter is one of the most practical social networks for daily interaction between companies and their followers. Through the precise use of short messages and hashtags, businesses can maintain a more dynamic Internet presence.

LinkedIn is the platform Suitable for B2B businesses, as it is the meeting point between suppliers and professionals from different branches and sectors. The creation of a network of contacts is the main weapon of this powerful social network.

Other social networks for marketing

These are just some of the social networks that lead to the preference of users today. There are others much more focused that can represent a great boost for your product or service; WhatsApp, WeChat, Tumblr, and Snapchat are some examples that you can take into account.

Determining adequately the objective to be achieved with the digital marketing campaign, exploring the different alternatives that exist on the Internet, and identifying the profile of users of each one of the social networks, it is possible to choose the ideal platforms for your online strategy.

Remember that you must have an active presence on the chosen platforms, to consolidate a community of followers faithful.