Windows Hosting For Better SEO Ranking

Choosing the right type of web hosting for better SEO performance is a tricky thing because every website demands different services from its hosting. All the hosting can support your SEO, but still, the Windows server can be of some advantage. 

In this article, we will see which windows hosting to choose and how it helps in growing the SEO ranking of your site.

Windows servers are mostly preferred by medium and large companies because of their robust nature. 

They can easily do the straightforward tasks that make them easy to use options with high-end functionalities. We offer you all the best of windows hosting features with their plans.

Advantages of using windows hosting are :

1) Remote desktop access –

To use a Linux server, you need to deal with a lot of command lines. But, to handle SEO in such a confusing way is not a favorable way, thus instead of that, using the cheap Windows hosting services can help you. It has a graphical user interface and thus can be easily used by anyone to perform SEO related work.

2) Robust support –

Windows server from MilesWeb comes with robust customer support. So, if you are using open source for your SEO needs then you will need a technical support team to handle its queries.  

Features included in MilesWeb Windows hosting plan are :

(i) Plesk control panel

The user-friendly Plesk control panel allows you to manage your website, domain, emails, databases, etc all in one place. Control panel offered with the windows reseller hosting plans helps you to manage and monitor your as well as your customers hosting account. 

(ii) SSD drive

Solid State Drives accelerates the performance of the sites at a blazing fast speed. The sites hosted on traditional HHD drives cannot perform faster on the internet and may lack in SEO. 

Whereas, sites stored on SSD are faster and hence preferred by search engines.

(iii) 1 click installer

To make your website standstill in the strong competition, it needs different applications such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc. and these applications can be installed within clicks using this feature.

(iv) Secure email

The email service uses POP3/ IMAP/ SMTP protocols to send and receive emails. These protocols keep the information safe and secure from hackers and can be directly accessed from any web browser like Windows, Mac or any mobile devices.

(v) Programming and database

All the Windows shared hosting plans support ASP/ASP.NET 3.5 and 4.6, PHP, SSICurl, GD Library, MVC, AJAX, MySQL, and MS SQL 2012 Express.

(v) Instant account setup

As soon as your purchase is done, the technical team immediately sets p your account so that you can get started immediately.

(vi) Free SSL certificate

Even the hosting plan comes with an SSL certificate that encrypts the information transmitted between visitors and your system. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc consider SSL certificate as a ranking factor. Yes, sites with SSL certificates are ranked higher on search results over sites without an SSL certificate.

Parameters to consider before selecting windows hosting for your SEO?

1) Server location –

In case you wish to give more preference to the local audience, then it is better to host the site locally so that you don’t miss out on specified traffic. 

If the server location is not near to your business, then it may show lagging time to load the website, which impacts negatively and SEO thinks that the site is not worth. To cope up with this problem, We allows you to choose any server location as their servers are located globally.

2) Uptime –

A regular checkup on uptime is needed to check the site’s working on the internet. Some hosting providers may change their arrangements and pull down some features for less expensive services, which may lead to sudden traffic fall. 

One of the reasons for this fall can be reducing the uptime percentage, which refers to the amount of time a site will be displayed on the internet. 

We provide 99.95% uptime regardless of its plans and prices. So that whenever a site is called by a visitor it gets access to them, and search engine crawlers believe that site is performing well. A site that is considered good in the eyes of search engines gets good SEO performance.

3) Updated software –

Outdated software like PHP and MySQL can be the reasons for thefts and virus infection in your site. That is why MilesWeb provides all the latest software with their hosting plans. 

Even after the purchase, if a new software release comes, then it gets updated on your system automatically. So, that you don’t need to worry about the management work as it is handled by the team.

Choosing hosting for SEO?

You may think, SEO comes at a later stage so why it is necessary to take precautions while selecting web hosting. Actually, there are some parameters like server location, load time, features like SSL, SSD, etc. that have a huge impact on SEO. 

If these things are not considered carefully from the beginning then your SEO may not work as expected.